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WAM: Air Blast Water Coolers

As we are widely recognised for the Occo range of oil coolers, our air blast water coolers can be overlooked.

With cooling capacities ranging from mere watts to hundreds of kilowatts, the WAM air blast water coolers have been a popular in our range for many years.

The standard model has a copper tube coil with aluminium fins and is available as an AC or DC Type cooler.

The smallest cooler is about the size of a hardback book, designed to cool small heat loads such as those found on X-ray scanners and other electronic equipment.

We also offer the same coolers with stainless steel or copper nickel tubes if required.

The coolers increase in size and can be used to cool anything from small furnaces to large industrial machinery.

Occo air blast water coolers can be used as a part of a closed loop system, replacing the more costly alternatives such as cooling towers.

With the experience built up over 30 years we are also able to offer bespoke cooling solutions, with access to many non standard options such as offshore cooling, ATEX coolers and many more.

For more information on air blast water coolers or any other type of cooler in the Occo range, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Flat Bed Water Coolers

Occo's range of flat-bed coolers are for closed circuits and dry air cooling of large heat loads, needed to replace evaporative cooling towers. Due to large dimensions, which are variable to fit into available space, they usually have a horizontal radiator with fans on top blowing upwards. Similar versions may also have a vertical radiator where the site has limited floor area.

The high pressure radiators (typically 10 Bar) in various materials, including stainless steel tubes and fins, cover all common water system layouts and many process fluids. Standard fan motors are fully weatherproof.

EExd fan motors are also available. All size selection is done by computer to find the optimum circuitry through the radiator.

There are very low noise options available, ideal for residential areas like supermarkets, air conditioning systems, and hospitals. These units are also ideally suited to many industrial applications including compressor cooling and furnace cooling.

The length of the cooler ranges from 1500mm to 9000mm dependent on the number of fan units used.

The width of the cooler ranges from 1300mm to 2400mm.


  • Casework in unpainted heavy gauge galvanised finish
  • Coil block with efficient aluminium fun configuration, constructed with either 3/8" or ½" copper tube
  • Pressure tested to 15 Bar
  • Various speed fans to suit a wide range of noise levels
  • Use of IP54 standard motors
  • Common terminal box for all fans


  • Vertical mounting of radiators
  • Extra low noise construction with acoustic material
  • Cleanable coil, by lifting the motor assembly which can be hinged on the unit
  • Painted or treated casework to comply with customer's specifications
  • Auminium or stainless steel tubes, fins or casework alternatives
  • Extra long legs
  • Heat exchanger element manufactured from a variety of materials and surface coatings to cope with hostile environments
  • Motors connected to individual terminal boxes located in integrated cable trays
  • Isolator(s) for complete unit or for each fan module

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