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OC T Range - DC type

Aluminium oil radiators of high strength are combined with the latest integral fan/motor units. The small size and light weight make these coolers ideal for vehicle applications. High ratings (not available elsewhere) are possible with DC motors.


Fully welded extruded tube construction gives this type of oil radiator inherent strength, proved over many years on all manner of vehicle or mobile applications. 16 Bar steady working pressure (but de-rates very quickly with excessive pressure pulses).

The DC motors with high resistance to vibration and low sparking at the multi-fine brushes. Optional waterproof plug thermostats (plus holders) have settings of 45º, 60º or 78º to switch the motors directly without relays. Thermostats are available for inserting in to the radiator header


The noise values shown on data sheets are given by the fan manufacturers in dBa and apply to 'free field' conditions. In practice different conditions lead to sound reflection reverberation and resonance, dependent on insulation details. The resulting actual noise levels can be in excess of the nominal figure shown.

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